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Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud 1928

William Willard Michaud 1935

Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud 1939

Jeanette Deprey and Ben Tilley 1940

Joseph Michaud 1941

Aurele Michaud 1941

William, Aurele, Phoebe, Joseph Michaud, Patricia Michaud 1941

Joseph Michaud 1941

William Willard Michaud, Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud 1941

Edna Michaud, Walter, Dale and Arlene Folsom 1942

William, Hampy, Wilfred Michaud 1942

Wilfred Michaud and Margarette Forman 1942

Joseph Michaud and Phoebe Laferriere 1942

Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud1942

William Willard Michaud 1943

Hampy Joseph Michaud 1943

Aurele Michaud 1944

Wilfred Lorance Michaud 1944

Jeanne Michaud 1945

Alice Bouchard 1947

William Willard Michaud 1948

Michael W. Michaud 1951

Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud, William Willard Michaud, Michael W. Michaud 1952

Jeanne Michaud, Angeline Bouchey, Hampy Michaud 1952

William Michaud Family Picture 1952

Pheobe Laferriere 1953

William Willard Michaud & Ida Laferier 1954

Michael W. Michaud

Patrice and Patrick Michaud 1958

Jeanette (Deprey)Tilly 1958

Tony and Debbie 1960

Michael W. Michaud 1967

Anne Marie Michaud and Val Robertson 1969

Eric Michael Michaud 1970

Eric Michael Michaud 1971

Eddy and Jeanette Deprey 1974

William Willard Michaud's Fish House on Eagle Lake 1974

Anne Mari(Deprey)Michaud and Theresa(Brown)Deprey 1974

William Willard Michaud 1975

Anne Marie Michaud, Dee Dee, William W. Michaud 1975

William Willard Michaud 1976

William and Anne Marie 50th Wedding Anniv. 1976

Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud 1977

William Willard Michaud 1977

William Willard Michaud 1978

Patrick Michael Michaud 1983

Patrick Michael Michaud 1983

Michael Michaud 1985

Patrick Michaud 1985

William Willard Michaud and Lucian Fournier 1986

Steven Joseph Michaud 1987

Steven Joseph Michaud 1988

William Willard and Anne Marie Michaud 1989

Aaron James Michaud 1989

William Willard Michaud and Aurele Michaud 1989

Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud and Theresa (Brown)Deprey 1989

Steven Joseph Michaud 1989

Katherine Elizabeth Michaud 1990

Katherine and Kateri Michaud 1990

Kateri Autumn Michaud 1990

Mike and Marianne Michaud 1991

Kateri Autumn Michaud 1991

Kateri Autumn Michaud 1991

Michael Michaud Family Picture 1991

Patrice Marie Michaud 1992

4-Generations 1993

Anne Marie (Deprey)Michaud and Helen Michaud 1993

Katherine Elizabeth Michaud 1995

Jory Metzger 1995

Alyssa Metzger 1995

Aaron Michaud 1995

Kateri Autumn Michaud 1995

Eric and Douglas Michaud 1996

Aaron Michaud 1996

Kateri Michaud 1996

Steven Michaud 1996

Katherine Michaud 1996

Aaron James Michaud 1997


Michaud Family Tree

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